Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conventional Wisdom versus Personal Desire/Creed/Whatever

     Reddit is famous for its hivemind, and there are plenty of people who will insult you for going against reddit's conventional and accepted wisdom.  If you want acceptance in their group you follow their rules.  Wanna get buff and fit?  Fittit will tell you to run, squat, and deadlift.  You start using machines.  You're the dumbest person on the subreddit.  This attitude is everywhere.  Follow the accepted rules and you're one of us.  Normally advice isn't a big deal.  People told me to do compound lifts and showed tangible evidence why I should.  I followed the advice and felt it did me right.
     Now, I found myself reading through the Male Fashion Advice subreddit.  They talk of fashion as a language of detail and intention.  That you should find your own "voice."  Your voice better harmonize with the rest of the subreddit.  Otherwise you're just an immature boy with no luck with the ladies.
    My point is this.  Advice is great and there is a wealth of knowledge available, but make sure you don't alter your own creed and philosophy in the process.  What essentially makes
    If I would of continued to follow fittit I would of ended up a bodybuilder worrying about the size of my muscles and pounding down supplements.  I took what they could offer me and decided what I wanted out of lifting weights.  I hit the Iron to become stronger, to pull my weight, to run faster, and be an all around strong and fit person.  Not to have biceps the size of my head.
    The same with Male Fashion Advice.  I won't give up my band t-shirts and aspirations of Simon's core drill necklace, because that doesn't follow their bullshit rules and makes me unworthy of their advice.  Follow the beat of your own drum, and when you want to introduce something new make sure that rhythm always stays yours.