Monday, November 29, 2010

Zombie Prepardness Plan

Alright, now zombie's are a pretty far and unrealistic threat, but being a nerd I love the idea of surviving in a post apocalyptic world overrun with zombies.  Well not exactly...LOVE..but you get the gist.  Seems like the biggest threat in this situation (other than the zombies) is being unprepared.  So I'm gonna give you guys a breakdown of some amazing skills that will turn you into the baddest dude in the apocalypse.

-Fencing: Sword Skills+Zombies=Silent and Efficient Killing.
-Beer Brewing:  Wanna be everyone's best friend and have everyone owe you favors?  Learn how to provide a decent tasting brew.
-Everything that involves Guns: Shouldn't have to explain that one too much
-Knowlege of Bodyweight Exercises:  Think about it, are you really gonna have access to free weights and benches?  If you master bodyweight exercises than you can work out wherever you are.
     -Parkour:  Running, Jumping, and navigating cityscapes will be a breeze.  Stuck in an alley?  Run up a wall!
-Gardening:  Grow your own food.  Nuff said.
-Automotive Knowlege-Hotwiring Cars and reparing them will save your life in a zombie apocalypse.

Have anything for list?  Hit me up with a comment and I'll add it to the list!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Clockwork Orange, A Review

    I finished A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess yesterday.  Great book and I enjoyed it, and unfortunately had definitely heard the story before.  I guess that's the price of popularity everyone copies you, and you hear the story before you even read the book.
    I did enjoy how he presented Alex as a character.  By incorporating his slang and speech I felt like I was really listening to Alex tell me everything.  Also, having to read that dialect made me really take my time with the book.  Something I don't get to do very often.
    Being considered a "classic" I was really waiting for the new perspective and lesson.  Guess I had my hopes up that it would be another Anthem or Brave New World (or maybe I'm already bitter enough and couldn't trust the state any less than I do).
    Next Step:  Watch the Movie

Post Some Comments and We'll have a discussion on A Clockwork Orange!

Personal Update:  Been running 3 times a week and I am making great progress!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Work Out for All you Skinflints and/or Broke Asses

ALRIGHT FOLKS IT'S TIME TO GET IN SHAPE!  ARE YOU RREEAAADDDYYY!?!?!?  You bet you are.  What we are going to do is three things:  diet, cardio, and strength training.  I've gathered all the resources to get this stuff done on less than a 100 bucks total.  No gym memberships, no stupid "get thin/fit/ripped quick schemes" and best of all?  All of the stuff we're gonna work on are simple improvements to your life.

ALRIGHT FIRST OFF LETS GET YOU EATING A PROPER AMOUNT OF CALORIES: up on this website, and they'll give you a food diary, work out logs, recommended intake, and  best of all almost all foods are already in the database so you don't have to manual count calories.  It's great stuff.   Add me on there if you join up.  I'm Papa_Umad.

The Couch to 5k Program-This is your guide to going from a couch potato to running 3 miles easily.  It starts off nice and slow and gradually you'll build up to being able to run around your neighborhood no problem.  It is a great outline for cardio instead of just running as hard as you can for five minutes at first, and then becoming super tired and burning a few calories.  It will extend your running sessions considerably and make the most out of your runs.


Convict Conditioning-A full guide for a strength training regiment that is completely based off of calisthenics and other bodyweight exercises.  AT MOST, you will need a chin up bar (10-30 bucks).  You can of course by the book but if you're creative I'm sure you can find it for much cheaper ;).  It starts off slow (I mean very slow) and will have you building stronger tendons, joints, and serious usable strength, and you'll be on your way to becoming a BAMF.

Other Things:
-I suggest getting motivated.  maybe check out /r/getmotivated on reddit.  Hit up the courage wolf twitter for some great stuff as well.
-Also get a high energy playlist going, the faster the music the better.  Works wonders for training.  (I also suggest the pokemon theme)
-Get excited to be a healthy YOU.
-/r/fitness is another great resource (also located on reddit)


Need Something to Watch/Read? I've got a Few Suggestions for All of you Fine Chaps

Here are just a few shows and such that are pretty kick ass and I suggest you take a look at!

    Panty and Stocking (with Garterbelt)-Panty and Stocking is a show rife with toilet humor, dick jokes, and complete lack of taste (and I couldn't love it more)!  The show follows two angels Panty and Stocking who fight evil ghosts in Daten City.  Panty is Stocking's older sister and turns underwear (usually her own) into a gun while Stocking turns her stockings into swords.  The show is ridiculous, over the top, completely tasteless, politically incorrect, and most important of all: it's HILARIOUS.  Totally give it a shot if you have a chance.
Panty (Left), Garterbelt (Center), and Stocking (Right)
(rumor has it the idea for this show came from a very late night of drinking)

    Bartender (Manga)-  Follows the adventures of Sasakura a world-renowned bartender working in various bars on the Ginza Strip in Japan.
    Sasakura is a pretty one dimensional character: he loves his job and makes it his life.  Now, what makes that completely awesome and clever is the fact that although the story follows Sasakura the focus is much more about the characters that come into the bar and insights into the bartending profession.  It's very refreshing to find a manga that isn't so straightforward (make "interesting" character, put him through different situations while pushing an overall goal, repeat ad nauseum) and has well thought out execution.  It's unique, engaging, and a romanticized glimpse into the real world, a must see.