Sunday, October 31, 2010

Remember my Soc Final?

Remember that awesome post where I told you guys about my awesome soc final idea?   If you don't here's a link to the previous blog post: Here.  I'm going to be going to the rave in about 2 weeks.  I'm looking for something very specific from you guys.  I'm looking for links, book recommendations, personal experience, and things I should (or should not) do.  Anything from drug use to what clothes I should wear. I want recommendations on anything related to rave culture/going to a rave.  I'm not gonna necessarily do these things, but these suggestions are perfect for my paper. GIVE ME EVERYTHING.  Even if you've never been to a rave I want your opinions and thoughts.  Fill up that comment page! 

-You will be given credit in my paper if I do end up using what you posted.
-and if you do post you're agreeing to let me use what you say in my paper and you will be referred to in my paper as your screen name

Many Thanks

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why not be More Kickass?

     We live in a fucked but pretty kick ass day and age. With a little bit of work you can learn a whole slew of skills.  Either on your own (the internet or library) or depending on what you're looking for you could probably find a teacher.
    Remember when you were little and you would look at all these different things like martial arts, instrument playing, etc? and would tell everyone "I wanna do that!"  Then life and school happened and eventually those little dreams and desires were forgotten.  Take a look at yourself.  Let me guess you’re at least 20?  If you answered yes to the last question then you’re in luck!  It’s the perfect time to get knee-deep in some new shit!  (If you didn’t this still applies to you)

Now before you say anything let me say something.
YES you do have the time.

YES you are a bad ass enough dude (or dude-ette) to do whatever the hell you want

YES you have the resources to start whatever the hell you want

Here’s a whole list of awesome stuff to learn, and THINK how cool it would be to people when they ask you “Oh what do you do for fun?”  “I’m a guitar playing martial artist who moonlights as a bartender that makes his own fireworks.”  Come on you would be like the suburban superman or the 20-something Supernaut.

-Martial Arts: Dojos and schools are all around the US and I’m sure other parts of the world, and I’m pretty sure Dojo has a translation somewhere around the lines of “Kickass Person Academy.”  Keep in mind kickass should be taken literally.

-Guitar Playing/Bass/Trombone/Trumpet: Learn an instrument, and know what’s great?  There are instructors and shops EVERYWHERE (plus the internet).  Get a cheap instrument and a teacher, or maybe a few youtube vids and start playing! 

-Bartending:  Bartending academies are pretty hard to find but the payoff couldn’t be better.  Impress the ladies, men, business associates, or whomever.  Plus, if you are looking for a new part time gig or something you are legally licensed and professionally trained as a bartender (and bartenders can make good money on tips).  Seems like a win-win if you ask me.

Other kick ass skills:
-Beer Brewing
-Firearms (Shooting+Gun Maintenance)
-Knife Fighting
-Homemade fireworks
-Mechanical Repair and Maintenance

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (will BLOW YOUR MIND)

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a very grim depiction of our not so far off future.  This book was published in 1932, and slowly but surely everything Aldous warned, depicted, and damn near predicted is coming true (in the early 1930's he predicted birth control pills, that's pretty intense).  You don't need to read this book for the story (but don't get me wrong the story is great), you read it for the setting, and the overtones, and the impossibly close future that is screaming towards us (and let me tell you it isn't pretty).   This book is one giant pulsating in your face warning of the days to come and is the closest thing to knowing the future you may ever get.  Unfortunately, if you read it you'll never be able to "unread" it.  Brave New World just might distort your entire perception of the world.  You have been warned.

-An Update on the Blog itself-
I'm currently designing a logo and gonna find someone to update the layout of the blog.  No more blogger presets for me!  Hopefully you'll like the graphic changes to come.

-I'm also dead serious when I say I want you to drop me feedback or ideas.  Give me stuff to write about and I'll put your name in the post as a contributor!  Leave me a comment or e-mail me.  Hell I'll even start an advice column if enough people send me question or something.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sociology Final: The Proposal

Yesterday, I turned in my proposal for my Sociology 101 final project.  I will be posting updates as I work on the project.  Eventually leading up to a download link to my 10 page paper that I will be turning in at the end of the quarter. 

  For my project: I will be attending my first rave and analyzing the social aspects (Cliques, behaviors, norms, and different things from the sociological perspective).  I have primarily a metal scene background so this project should be pretty interesting.  What you guys will get to see are a lot of rough draft notes and unfiltered thoughts on the whole experience.  Everything that won't be in my paper will make it here for you all to enjoy.  Hedonism should always be a scholarly experience.  (This might also include pictures if I'm gonna be allowed to bring a camera)

Leave me some comments with your thoughts about my project.  Ideas, things to watch out for, things you want me to report on, etc. etc...and remember I love feedback (brutal, constructive, or complimetnary) so on anything you read on my blog feel free to leave a comment!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Two Favorite Blogs

This is my shout out and bit of starry eyed admiration for my two favorite blogs.  (In case you were wondering I am in no way associated with either of these fine bits of internet reading material.)  (I’m small time)
Number One:  The Art of Manliness
A very awesome blog devoted to bringing back the “Man’s man.”  Tutorials, short biographies, essays, and all sorts of other great stuff all related to becoming “Manly”.  I love the idea of bringing back the “Gentleman,” we should all strive to be more well-read, well traveled, and classy.  It is high time we cast away our “Mookish” behavior and become the men we are destined to be! (The term “mook” was coined in a very eye-opening documentary called the “Merchants of Cool” and the term refers to the Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville like attitudes many people seem to adopt).
                Number Two: The Rules of a Gentleman
The Rules of a Gentleman runs along the same lines as the Art of Manliness, this is just a simple collection of rules and quotes that every gentleman should follow.

I think for my next blogpost I’m going to put together a thoughtful post on becoming a gentleman, and what that means (at least for me)

I also suggest watching the “Merchant’s of Cool” it is a great documentary and definitely worth your time.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The First of My New "Series:" Really Cool Albums You Should Listen To!

Let us get right into the good stuff.  The albums that YOU need to listen to.  (Some of these blurbs are ripped from my now defunct music review blog)

Animals as Leaders-Animals as Leaders:  A one man musical eargasm production machine?  Yup, that would be Tosin Abasi the creative mind behind Animals as Leaders.  He plays every instrument on the recordings, and tears up an 8-string guitar.  I saw him live back in April (if memory serves) and he absolutely blew my mind.  Animals as Leaders is an instrumental Jazz/Metal fusion band. Absolutely great stuff, definitely worth a listen.

Saturday Morning Apocalypse-Powerglove: ...I'm gonna let this screenshot from my favorite forum sum up my thoughts on this album:

(Click the image for full size)