Monday, September 20, 2010


     Learning is that thing that thing High School probably completely and totally made you lose interest in.  I ask you, please give it another chance.  It really is fun, healthy, and one of the most satisfying things you can spend your time doing.  Other than cartoons or the occasional episode of House, the only TV I watch is documentaries or some sort of non-fiction.  I'd much rather watch a show that explains the progression of 70's punk than Dexter (not to be confused with "Dexter's Lab" I would definitely watch reruns of that).
   Now you're probably saying to yourself "Huh that paragraph made just enough sense for me to consider possibly maybe ever doing this sometime (read: eventually) in my life.  But Mr. Blog-man I hate homework and how would I go about learning?"  Well Mr. or Mrs. Blog-Reader do I have news for you!  Basically, High School learning is a bunch of crap.  Its really no wonder why kids drop out and don't do their homework.  High School "learning" is contrived, monotonous, and for the most part uninteresting.  What you got to do is just find something: be it a book, an instrument, project, etc. etc.  Start working with it.    Pick up the guitar and start learning some chords.  Pick up a book and really start digesting it.  Try to find some literature and understand the message behind the story.  Buy a junker motorcycle and find out what it would take to get it back together and running.
    Now what I said might sound a bit on the simple side and probably a bit "After-School Special" but honestly I'm just pleading for people to go out and give themselves some life experience and enrich their lives.  Seriously folks, go out and find something new and exciting and jump in.  There is an absolute fuck-ton of awesome stuff in this world and we barely see enough of it.
   I'll consider it a win if all I did was separate the world "Learning" from some of its negative High School bred connotations.  If you do decide to pick up a book or an instrument, or some new project.  Drop me a comment and tell me what you did.  I'd love to hear it.

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