Monday, September 20, 2010

So I was thinking....

    On my drive home from school tonight I was thinking back on my first two posts.  I came to a conclusion:  I'm pretty damn preachy.  This isn't some admission to a fault in my blog I just figured I should take note of this and in the process form a solution to kill any naysayers (Plus, jump on the opportunity to talk about myself, I love doing that.)
     What's going to happen now is I am going to (on a semi-regular basis) give you guys a progress report on certain projects and pipe-dreams I've started.  That way you guys can get a little insight on what I'm doing and have some sort of affirmation that I practice what I preach.

Weekend Vegetarian:  (I will be attempting to not eat meat during the work/school week).  I was planning on starting today but seeing is how I accidentally ate a meatball...tomorrow is when that will start.

Motorcycle:  I bought the manual for my bike (a 1974 Honda CB550/4) and until my job gets going this one's on hold.

Go Somewhere Across the Ocean:  I wanna see a bit of Europe.  First thing first..Get a Passport!

Start Going to the Gym:  Need to get money for a gym membership

Take Martial Art Classes:  Same thing.. Need Cash

Learn Some Nifty New Song on the Guitar:  I need to find a song

That will be it for now.  I have more stuff I'm doing just didn't need to list it right now.

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