Monday, November 8, 2010

Need Something to Watch/Read? I've got a Few Suggestions for All of you Fine Chaps

Here are just a few shows and such that are pretty kick ass and I suggest you take a look at!

    Panty and Stocking (with Garterbelt)-Panty and Stocking is a show rife with toilet humor, dick jokes, and complete lack of taste (and I couldn't love it more)!  The show follows two angels Panty and Stocking who fight evil ghosts in Daten City.  Panty is Stocking's older sister and turns underwear (usually her own) into a gun while Stocking turns her stockings into swords.  The show is ridiculous, over the top, completely tasteless, politically incorrect, and most important of all: it's HILARIOUS.  Totally give it a shot if you have a chance.
Panty (Left), Garterbelt (Center), and Stocking (Right)
(rumor has it the idea for this show came from a very late night of drinking)

    Bartender (Manga)-  Follows the adventures of Sasakura a world-renowned bartender working in various bars on the Ginza Strip in Japan.
    Sasakura is a pretty one dimensional character: he loves his job and makes it his life.  Now, what makes that completely awesome and clever is the fact that although the story follows Sasakura the focus is much more about the characters that come into the bar and insights into the bartending profession.  It's very refreshing to find a manga that isn't so straightforward (make "interesting" character, put him through different situations while pushing an overall goal, repeat ad nauseum) and has well thought out execution.  It's unique, engaging, and a romanticized glimpse into the real world, a must see. 

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