Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Clockwork Orange, A Review

    I finished A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess yesterday.  Great book and I enjoyed it, and unfortunately had definitely heard the story before.  I guess that's the price of popularity everyone copies you, and you hear the story before you even read the book.
    I did enjoy how he presented Alex as a character.  By incorporating his slang and speech I felt like I was really listening to Alex tell me everything.  Also, having to read that dialect made me really take my time with the book.  Something I don't get to do very often.
    Being considered a "classic" I was really waiting for the new perspective and lesson.  Guess I had my hopes up that it would be another Anthem or Brave New World (or maybe I'm already bitter enough and couldn't trust the state any less than I do).
    Next Step:  Watch the Movie

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Personal Update:  Been running 3 times a week and I am making great progress!

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