Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sociology Final: The Proposal

Yesterday, I turned in my proposal for my Sociology 101 final project.  I will be posting updates as I work on the project.  Eventually leading up to a download link to my 10 page paper that I will be turning in at the end of the quarter. 

  For my project: I will be attending my first rave and analyzing the social aspects (Cliques, behaviors, norms, and different things from the sociological perspective).  I have primarily a metal scene background so this project should be pretty interesting.  What you guys will get to see are a lot of rough draft notes and unfiltered thoughts on the whole experience.  Everything that won't be in my paper will make it here for you all to enjoy.  Hedonism should always be a scholarly experience.  (This might also include pictures if I'm gonna be allowed to bring a camera)

Leave me some comments with your thoughts about my project.  Ideas, things to watch out for, things you want me to report on, etc. etc...and remember I love feedback (brutal, constructive, or complimetnary) so on anything you read on my blog feel free to leave a comment!

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