Monday, October 4, 2010

The First of My New "Series:" Really Cool Albums You Should Listen To!

Let us get right into the good stuff.  The albums that YOU need to listen to.  (Some of these blurbs are ripped from my now defunct music review blog)

Animals as Leaders-Animals as Leaders:  A one man musical eargasm production machine?  Yup, that would be Tosin Abasi the creative mind behind Animals as Leaders.  He plays every instrument on the recordings, and tears up an 8-string guitar.  I saw him live back in April (if memory serves) and he absolutely blew my mind.  Animals as Leaders is an instrumental Jazz/Metal fusion band. Absolutely great stuff, definitely worth a listen.

Saturday Morning Apocalypse-Powerglove: ...I'm gonna let this screenshot from my favorite forum sum up my thoughts on this album:

(Click the image for full size)

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