Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why not be More Kickass?

     We live in a fucked but pretty kick ass day and age. With a little bit of work you can learn a whole slew of skills.  Either on your own (the internet or library) or depending on what you're looking for you could probably find a teacher.
    Remember when you were little and you would look at all these different things like martial arts, instrument playing, etc? and would tell everyone "I wanna do that!"  Then life and school happened and eventually those little dreams and desires were forgotten.  Take a look at yourself.  Let me guess you’re at least 20?  If you answered yes to the last question then you’re in luck!  It’s the perfect time to get knee-deep in some new shit!  (If you didn’t this still applies to you)

Now before you say anything let me say something.
YES you do have the time.

YES you are a bad ass enough dude (or dude-ette) to do whatever the hell you want

YES you have the resources to start whatever the hell you want

Here’s a whole list of awesome stuff to learn, and THINK how cool it would be to people when they ask you “Oh what do you do for fun?”  “I’m a guitar playing martial artist who moonlights as a bartender that makes his own fireworks.”  Come on you would be like the suburban superman or the 20-something Supernaut.

-Martial Arts: Dojos and schools are all around the US and I’m sure other parts of the world, and I’m pretty sure Dojo has a translation somewhere around the lines of “Kickass Person Academy.”  Keep in mind kickass should be taken literally.

-Guitar Playing/Bass/Trombone/Trumpet: Learn an instrument, and know what’s great?  There are instructors and shops EVERYWHERE (plus the internet).  Get a cheap instrument and a teacher, or maybe a few youtube vids and start playing! 

-Bartending:  Bartending academies are pretty hard to find but the payoff couldn’t be better.  Impress the ladies, men, business associates, or whomever.  Plus, if you are looking for a new part time gig or something you are legally licensed and professionally trained as a bartender (and bartenders can make good money on tips).  Seems like a win-win if you ask me.

Other kick ass skills:
-Beer Brewing
-Firearms (Shooting+Gun Maintenance)
-Knife Fighting
-Homemade fireworks
-Mechanical Repair and Maintenance

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